Who we are

Flexform Legal Services Limited is a UK based legal consultancy which services clients worldwide and, as a result, your personal data may be processed by Flexform Legal in third countries. We have data transfer agreements (with model clauses) in place as a safeguard in respect of any such processing, copies of which are available on request. 


What personal data we collect and why we collect it

  • Biographical details (name, job title and other information about you or your role)
  • Contact details (both private and work, where appropriate)
  • Business information (which may or may not include your personal data)
  • Financial details (such as bank account details and records of transactions with us including invoices and credit notes)
  • Records of communications with us (including emails, call history and audio/video recordings, where you consent to this in advance)
  • Feedback

Where do we get your personal data from?

  • If you’re a Flexform client or prospective client, we’ll normally get your personal data directly from you. Alternatively, your colleagues or third-party referrers may provide us with your personal data.
  • If you work for a Flexform client, we may get your personal data from your colleagues, other professional advisers or third parties involved in a matter.

What is your data used for?

  • If you are a prospective client, we will use your data to communicate with you about Flexform services in line with your needs or those of a third party.
  • If you become a client of Flexform, your data will be used for the following purposes:
    • onboarding you/the organisation you work for, as a Flexform client, including verifying your identity (if required)
    • performing our legal and professional obligations and exercising our rights in line with our instructions and our terms of business.
    • direct marketing: we may use your contact details to send you marketing materials, provided we are permitted to do so by law. You always have the right to unsubscribe from any marketing; you can do so by clicking on the relevant link in the next email we send you, or by contacting us (please see our contact details below under ‘How to get in touch’).

What is the lawful basis for Flexform using your personal data?

Flexform will only process your personal data where we have a lawful basis to do so, such as:

  • to communicate with you regarding Flexform services, in response to a direct request from you or from a third party acting on your behalf. Alternatively, if we obtained your email address during discussions about providing our services to you and you are a business, you may receive communications via email from us based on our legitimate interests in marketing and informing you of Flexform services
  • we may process personal data on the basis that you have provided your consent, for example, through providing the information to us (including, in some instances, in respect of special categories of personal data). Please note that you have the right to withdraw any such consent, which you can do by getting in touch with us using the contact details below. 

More generally, we’ll use your personal data for our legitimate interests in complying with our legal and professional obligations, reviewing and improving the quality of the services we provide and how we provide them. This includes knowledge-sharing to train the Flexform Legal team and ensure the security of our systems.

Who will we share your personal data with?

In addition to the Flexform team (which may include self-employed consultants), to ensure we comply with our legal obligations we may share your personal data, insofar as we are permitted by law, with the following third parties: 

  • suppliers and service providers used by us in providing services, details of which can be made available on request, including (without limitation) IT service providers such as cloud providers of software as a service, and providers of our IT servers. 
  • financial organisations, debt collection, credit reference and tracing agencies; 
  • our auditors, our own legal and other professional advisors, our insurers and insurance brokers; 
  • government agencies, regulators and other authorities (including (without limitation) the Information Commissioner and Ombudsmen); and 
  • our and your trade associations, professional bodies and business associates. 

How long will we keep your personal data for?

If you are a client of Flexform:

We retain invoices and supporting records for 6 years from the relevant invoice date.

We retain client files for 7 years from the date we close them (or 7 years from the date of initial contact if a matter is dropped before completion). We may retain files if requested by you or where there exists a good reason for retaining them for longer.

If you are a prospective client of Flexform:

In the event we record any information about you or your enquiry, we will retain this information for 2 years from the date it was entered. However, should you subsequently become a Flexform client, this information may be added to your file and retained for a further 7 years after the matter closes.

We retain marketing contact details until you unsubscribe or object to receiving direct marketing from us, or we believe you’re no longer interested in receiving such communications from us.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect analytics on the following:

  • How you access our website, include the IP address of your device
  • Usage data about your visit, which we obtain through server logs and the use of cookies. This includes which pages you browse, how you navigate through the Flexform website and how you interact with our content.

We also collect and use aggregated data such as statistical or demographic data for any purpose. This aggregated data could be derived from your personal data but isn’t considered personal data as this data won’t directly or indirectly reveal your identity. We don’t combine aggregated data with other data in order to identify you.

How do we collect your personal data?

We’ll get your personal data directly from you when you access our website.

What do we use your personal data for?

  • Administering and protecting our website through security monitoring, reporting and testing
  • Where you’ve accepted advertising cookies, delivering relevant content and advertisements through LinkedIn and analysing the effectiveness of such adverts
  • Improving and optimising our website and marketing strategies

What is our lawful basis for collecting your data?

The legal grounds relied upon by us for the above purposes are:
• We’ll rely on the consent you give when accepting non-essential cookies on our website to use your personal data for analytical and advertising purposes
‍• We’ll access our server logs based on our legitimate interests in protecting the security and stability of our website and understanding how our website is used by visitors

Who will we share your personal data with?

In addition to our staff (which may include self-employed consultants) and those providing technical services to us (such as cloud providers that host our business systems), we may share your personal data with external marketing agencies engaged by us, where necessary.

How long will we keep your personal data for?

We retain marketing contact details until you unsubscribe or object to receiving direct marketing from us, or we believe you’re no longer interested in receiving any such communications from us.

How to get in touch

You can contact the Flexform team with any queries about the above, by emailing us at [email protected]

What are your rights in relation to Flexform’s use of your personal data?

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner in respect of our processing of your personal data. Information can be found at www.ICO.org.uk.

If you would like to raise your complaint with us in the first instance, please contact [email protected]

You have rights under data protection laws to request from us access to, rectification of, or erasure of your personal data. You also have the right to request the restriction of any processing or to object to our processing of your personal data. Finally, you have the right to data portability. Please use the contact details below to exercise your rights. You can find more information about your rights at www.ICO.org.uk.